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  • Bringing Out the Best in Creative Wedding Shots

    Asking a photographer “How did you take that shot” is like asking a writer to explain how he or she wrote a particular piece of literature. There really isn’t any standard or predefined way – that’s the way with any creative process.

    However, I’ve found out that the most important factor in establishing good creative shots for a wedding album is getting to know the couple you’re shooting. Try to talk with them and establish rapport so they feel comfortable around you. Many couples are already suffering from the various anxieties associated with their upcoming wedding, and you definitely don’t want that nervousness to come out during your shoots.

    Try to talk to the couple and get to know them better. Find out their history, where they met, common interests, places and people that are special to them, and the like. These kinds of information serve as good sources of ideas for concepts and themes for your shoot. The couple themselves usually has at least a vague idea of what they want to see in their wedding album.

    For example, on couple I worked for cited their university – where they met and became a couple – as one of the most important places to them. So I suggested that they relive their college days in our photo shoot. So we went around the campus and took pictures of them together. And they even donned old alma mater costumes to complete the look.

    When shooting live for an actual event, it’s always best to gun for a candid scene where the subject is less “conscious” that he or she is being shot. This makes for a more natural feel to your photographs, and will not reek of being too “scripted” and fake. Establishing a relationship with the couple is also plays an important role here. Once a couple is used to you, then they won’t feel uncomfortable (which will definitely show in their gestures and facial expressions) when you’re walking around taking pictures of them and their wedding.

    One last tip is to make yourself be at least slightly familiar with the place you’ll be shooting in, as you can anticipate good angles and vantage points from where you can take good shots.

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