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  • 10 Most Common Wedding Photography Myths

    Congratulations! So, your wedding day is fixed, and you are tied up with the preparations. Deciding a wedding photographer is a daunting task. The wedding photography industry is over-loaded with professionals, veterans, and passionate newcomers. You have to be conscious of your requirements and the skills required for the same. 

    To help you decide in the future, we have busted a 10 of the most common wedding photography myths you ought to know. 

    Any family member with a good camera can take the pictures we require 

    To save money or to honor a family member, a bride might make the huge mistake of not searching for pro photographers and assigning the crucial task to someone she knows. A professional photographer knows the sequence, lighting, backup equipment and much more, which is unknown for a layman. 

    It is all about the camera, and not the talent 

    Thanks to the smartphone industry, we have pro cameras in the market, and anyone can create Instagram-lovable photos. However, a wedding photographer buckinghamshire has a more to do such as capturing candid pictures, directing people to pose, waiting for the sweet, little moments to take place. So, it is not just about the equipment, but more of knowledge and talent. 

    There is no difference between two photographers; both are the same 

    You can find hundreds of photographers (who claim to be one), but finding a professional and skilled one is challenging. He needs to have skills, courtesy, the etiquette of talking to people at a wedding, and a decent dressing sense. So, it is recommended to have a meeting with the photographer before the wedding day. Last moment surprised can be overwhelming! 

    A professional photographer can click anything and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece 

    ‘Vision, skills, and passion maketh a professional photographer,’ but expecting him to turn everything into gold is not reasonable. When you hire a photographer, make sure that the person is specialized in wedding photography. After capturing hundreds of weddings and receptions, he must have honed his skills and turned his profession into a vibrant passion. 

    Wedding photography is glamorous and nothing mundane 

    Couples believe that wedding photographers work only for 3-4 hours of the day, and enjoy a laid-back, lavish life. The real situation is surprising enough as they have been occupied in the months of spring and summer seasons. They also perform all kinds of mundane jobs such as answering calls, meeting new clients, emailing, handling social media accounts, bidding, and more. And not to forget, travelling and creating backup plans for the wedding day

    Photography is unreasonably priced these days without any valid reason 

    A wedding photographer has to spend on equipment, maintenance costs, travelling expenses, and also a lot of time in making the pictures flawless. Remember that those pictures are your priceless keepsakes and so, photography is expensive these days. 

    Digital technology has made wedding photography easy 

    A wedding photographer has to spend endless hours in the lab for the post-production tasks. And if it is a video to be submitted, then it requires massive attention to detail and precision. Digital technology helps them, but they do not make any compromise in their efforts. 

    Photoshop can fix up any picture 

    Photoshop is a great tool, but it cannot be used to cover up all the discrepancies in an image. It is advisable to capture the photo correctly and improve it in the editing stage. Photoshop can be reduced to fix for improvement, but not for completely transforming the look of the image. 

    An album is not essential at all 

    Due to the advent of digital technology, couples prefer to store their digital images on their devices, instead of ordering an album and prints. However, it is better to ask for an album as the pictures might get lost in the long run. 

    A shot list is the best resource 

    A shot list, inspired by bridal magazines seems to be a good idea, but the photographer doesn’t know your family and friends, you know them personally. You can delegate someone the responsibility of gathering the people on the list so that it becomes easy for the photographer. 

    Well, wedding photography sounds cool; however, busting these above myths is a must-do for every couple-to-be to save efforts and time in the future. 

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