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  • Creative Classes For Hens Nights Melbourne

    The time has come where you will be combining your life with the life of your fiancé, but who’s to say that you’re not allowed to have a little bit of fun before you become a married woman?  With the ability to have hens, you will be able to celebrate with your female friends before your wedding day. With that being said, there are an ample amount of different activities that are perfect for hens night Melbourne.  Creative classes are a great way to have a memorable time, meanwhile learn a few new skills. Below are some of the top ideas for creative classes for hens nights Melbourne.

    Cooking and Drink Mixing Classes

    For the bride that is looked for a relaxing yet fun way to hang out with her friends, consider taking a cooking and/or drink mixing class.  When you move in with your husband it can be beneficial to have both cooking skills and cocktail mixing skills, therefore you will be improving your skill set and spending time with those closest to you.  Choose a type of food that you enjoy the most and enroll you and your girls in a class for one evening. You’d be surprised at how much you will learn from a single class.



    Who doesn’t love having moments immortalized and remembered for many years to come?  Photoshoots are another extremely popular creative activity for hens nights in Melbourne.  You will be able to determine what props you will want to use and whether the shoot will be based on a specific theme or not.  You can also choose whether you want a classy shoot or a fun and sexy shoot with your girlfriends. The options are relatively endless and plus, you’ll have memories of the night for many years to come.

    Dancing Classes

    Dancing is useful in all aspects of life, whether you’re out at the club or if you’re at home with your husband.  Dancing classes is also a great creative activity for everyone as it allows your hens to express themselves in a fun and active way.  Consider belly dancing, burlesque, or even pole dancing for your hens nights. You will want to determine what type of dancing everyone would be interested in learning and then book a class for a couple of hours.  Once you’ve finished the class, you can go out to dinner or out for drinks!

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