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  • Do It Yourself Wedding Make-Up

    Even the most “down-to-earth, zero makeup and zero fuss” kind of gal finds herself suddenly thinking about wedding make-up and wedding hair styles before her wedding day. At the minimum, she wants her skin to look fresh and clean and clear and her skin to feel soft. Most women want more, they want to look ravishing, glowing, stunning, flawless, etc, but don’t know how to make themselves look extra special on their wedding day.

    wedding make-up

    So how do you transform from your normal everyday self to your bridal goddess self with wedding make-up and wedding hair styles? Even more tricky, how do you accomplish do it yourself wedding hair and make-up without looking like a drag queen? (Unless of course you ARE a drag queen, in which case, never mind.)

    Many brides these days enlist (in other words, hire) the help of bridal make-up artists just for this particular day. This article has tips on finding someone to do your wedding make-up . They also may get their nails done or get a pedicure, wax various parts of their body, spray tan, massages, personal trainer, teeth whitening …wow! Who has the time? And money!? All of this stuff is completely up to you, and your wedding make-up can certainly be done yourself or at least on the cheap.

    It is completely up to you whether you hire wedding make-up artists to take care of it for you or if you play around and figure it out yourself. You really have to pay attention to the type of person you are. If you love to be fussed over go the hiring route. If you are more of a DIYer like me, then plan to do it yourself. It also depends on your skill level, especially with hair. The Do It Yourself Wedding Hair section is a great resource for ideas and tips. If you want a complicated, dramatic wedding updo then you probably will need a little help. If you are going more natural you could definitely do it yourself.

    Whatever you do, it is always helpful to look in books and magazines to get ideas. That way, whether you do it yourself or hire people you have a visual frame of reference. I strongly recommend you have all of this completely planned out well before your wedding day. You don’t want to be stuck with a “bad hair day” on your wedding day and panicking over what to do next. Nor do you want to be stuck with running eyeliner or lipstick that dries out your lips. Experiment, experiment, experiment and have fun!

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